We are proudly serving a Michigan made Soda Pop from  Northwoods Soda, which is located in Williamsburg, MI.  All flavors except the Cola and Diet Cola are Caffeine Free!  And, they are made with real sugar.  Our flavors are Cola (tastes almost like Coke), Diet Cola, Watusse Dew (can’t tell it from Mountain Dew Throwback!), Lemon Lime, Cream Soda, Wild Bill’s Root Beer, Lemonade, and Fruit Punch.  We also serve fresh brewed Lipton Unsweetened Ice Tea. Fountain Drink/Tea Prices: Junior:  $1.00 Small:  $1.25 Medium:  $1.75 Large:  $2.50 Fountain Drink Refills are $0.50 each Slush Puppie Flavors are Blue Raspberry & Banana Berry Punch Slush Puppie Prices: Small $1.00 Medium $1.75 Large $2.25 Slush Puppie refills are $1.00 each Bottled Water:  $1.00 Popcorn Prices: Small:  $2.00 Large:  $3.00 Jumbo:  $4.00 Popcorn Refills (while supplies last after the movie starts) are $0.50 Candy: Small:  $1.25 Large:  $2.00 Airheads:  $0.25 Fruitsnacks:  $0.50 Ring Pops:  $0.50 Cotton Candy:  $1.50 CRYSTAL COMBO: 2 Large fountain drinks and one large popcorn:  $7.25 Snack Tray:  $2.50 Popcorn, Junior Drink & 1 Ring Pop or One Fruit Snack or 2 Airheads